Aces&Aros Café #5!


After the 1st, 2nd,3rd and inofficial 4th edition, we invite to the Aces&Aros Café #5!
Cookie edition!
when: Tuesday/Dinsdag 20.12.2022
where: Anarcha Boekenplek Opstand Den Haag, Beatrijsstraat 12
what: bring vegan cookies to share, dress cozily BUT also: aro ace glamour more than welcome
this time more snacky than ever with joggingpants and more cuddly! less ligretto action BUT who knows how the evening will evolve 🙂
Aces and Aros Café is a regularily happening event in the Anarcha bookspot Opstand in the Hague and is for asexual/aromantic/aspec/demi/questioning people to meet each other!
For now it’s happening in the format of a hangout with games and snacks and space to chat with other likeminded people, but as the anarchists we are we know that everything is possible together, so dont hesitate to participate!
Any questions? write a dm to opstand.denhaag or email boekenwinkelopstand at riseup dot net 🙂
a square format picture. half of it is in colors of the aroflag, other half of it in the colors of the ace flag. the middle is white, and there is a text on shades of green and purple. It says: Aces&Aros Café 5.

Alternative boekenbeurs Gent! we komen eraan :)

Coming weekend/volgend weekend:
see you at gent alternative boekenbeurs!
meer info en programma vindt u op 🙂

looking forward!

Affiche ABB


[red posterdesign with black font and a detailled white illustration in the middle. text above it reads 19e internationale alternative boekenbeurs . text below it reads: zaterdag 14 mei ’22, 10-18u – ‘t landhuis warmoezeniersweg 10 gent. beoeknbeur – anarchistisch cultuurfestival – discussie – workshoos – lezingen – gratis inkom –
vanaf 20 u: ai ferri corti (dub)- the end of ernie (punk) – youff(branca goes hardcore) – dj mat zwart + more tba – inkom: 5euro.]

De Grote Heropening! We re-open!

een foto van de opstand, daarop en rode gordijn monteerd, daaroverheen in groene handgeschreven letters: de grote heropening van de opstand - anarchistische boekenplek.
Anarchist Bookplace Opstand re-opens!
(scroll naar beneden voor nederlands)
After a period of renovations and restructuring the collective we are ready to reopen again! So that’s why we want to invite you to a merry get-together.
Upcoming Thursday, 1st of July, from 17:00 to 22.00 at Opstand, Beatrijsstraat 12, Den Haag
There will be a lot of nice things happening:
– FREE BOOKS from the archive
– A selection of NEW BOOKS (see pictures, some interesting stuff)
– Snacks and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and vegan COOKIES 🙂
– BOOK SWAP! wanna swap books with someone? amazing! Bring a book you want to swap, and we’ll also bring some 🙂
Food and books will be offered on donation, which will help us pay the rent and organise more events in the near future!
Also, you will be able to borrow books from our newly created LIBRARY! You can check the inventory online ( ) . The library is a work in progress, so there will be new books coming in once in a while 🙂 The conditions of borrowing are similar to other anarchist libraries, leave your contact details and a deposit, and you can borrow the book for a month.

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