Anti-Choice in Poland – Support needed!


The situation in Poland:
It’s going down there in terms of pro-choice.
Birth control in Poland is limited, doctors can even refuse to prescribe them if this is ‘against’ their personal beliefs.
There is an active anti- LGBTQIA+ agenda( with governmental shit
campaigns posing their existence as an ideology instead of orientation, also claiming LGBTQIA+ people are pedophiles.)

The right winged government party PiS now recently equipped the
constitutional tribunal with judges that are on their side, and thus
recently (on last friday) ruled an abortion ban. Judges were associated with the ruling party, and common courts cannot fight against it, because it was ruled by the Constitutional Tribunal.
Besides abortion, the morning-after-pill was also banned fully.

There have been protests ongoing everywhere in the country.
How and whom to support? Aborcyjny Dream Team and Aborcja Bez
Granic(Abortion without borders did a callout: Because abortion is
prohibited from now on, they need to let people know widely that they are not alone and can turn to them. Information must be provided as widely as possible (therefore money is needed for information material a nd their distribution). Also images of them found their way onto on of the governmental anti-choice vans.

ANA ( Abortion Network Amsterdam is helping people since years, especially polish people with uterus. [ANA IBAN: NL06 INGB 0007 1702 49]
They work closely with other abortion support networks like Ciocia Basia in Berlin and Abortion Support Network in London. Our work mainly concerns Polish women who are in need of a second trimester abortion. Practically their work involves helping to set up appointments, choosing the appropriate clinic in the Netherlands, making sure people have all the documents they need, helping with transportation, providing people  traveling to The Netherlands with housing, translation aid and accompanying people to their appointment if requested.(interesting fact: In the Netherlands second trimester abortions (after 12 weeks) are possible.)

There are maybe even more things than donating which we can do, but this is still to be figured out. One idea might be getting morning after pills and donating them to activist groups.
Anyway, check it out online and spread the word, we think every donation and every talk you have makes a difference.

Asexual Awareness Week 25th-31st Oct


Asexual Awarenessweek (Ace  Week)!

An asexuality flag (4 shorizontal stripes, from top to bottom black, grey, white and purple) with white font over it saying: asexual awarenessweek at the anarchistische boekenwinkel opstand, 29th and 30th october 2020 Den Haag


It is the annual Aceweek (25th – 31st  Oct.), thus the Anarchist Bookstore Opstand also will take part in educating and creating awareness  about all ace topics!

Do you want to ask questions about asexuality that you couldn’t get answered? Do you want to have some personal story sharing about ace experiences? Would you like to brainstorm about how to make asexuality more visible and acknowledged? You think you’re ace yourself but just wanna talk about it with an ace person? You know someone who’s close to you and just came out and need some resources?

We invite you to come along from 17-21 on the next Thursday (29th), and from 15-19 on the Friday (30th). M. from the Opstand will be there and ready with some topics to chat/talk/discuss about.
Not necess

ary, but recommended: write us an email or an Instagram direct message and tell us when you’ll be coming. We shouldn’t be more than 4 people in the space ( -if you just wanna talk face to face quietly, also possible).

some more things:
– We won’t tolerate shitty behaviour and discrimination, and want to make it a space to learn.
– bring your own facemask please
–  background of the person doing the event: themselves are non-binary and ace, white, non-academic background, slow reader. They prefer talking English, but german and dutch would also work.
– it’s free and there is no need to consume anything, but it would be nice to have some tea with you!
– accessibility: wheelchair accessible it is, but the entrance is a bit tricky. Knock in the window and we’ll make it possible (accessible toilet is there also) ! Next tramstop is Anna Bijnslaan.



QSU Update


From now on, the Queer Spreek Uur collective is no longer part of the Samenscholing and the Opstand collective. The collective is growing and establishing itself as an independent entity. We thank the Opstand for providing us the space and support that we needed to start the collective. Moreover in a move towards only privacy we are also abandoning Facebook.
Queer anger and resistance will not be stopped, see below for several alternatives to keep up to date with us.
diaspora* (facebook alternative):
– sign up on the same node as us
– or choose your own
mastodon (twitter alternative):

Free software and digital self-defence skill sharing


Free software and digital self-defence skill sharing this Friday from 15:00 to 18:00 at the boekenwinkel Opstand. Come if you like to learn or show how to install and set up Linux (alternative to Windows and Mac), LineageOS (Android without Google apps), encrypted email and other relevant software. Also a place for discussing these topics. To be repeated every Friday.