This Friday 14 August, 19.00 at the Opstand, anarchistische boekenwinkel (Beatrijsstraat 12, The Hague).

Come to vent and rage on cis-hets, and laugh in the face of their bullshit. The evening will be hosted by our infamous dragqueers from the Queer Spreek Uur and the winner will be rewarded with a surprise present. The rules will be explained.

Mail us the bullshit comments&questions you’ve heard about your gender identity and/or sexual orientation by Thursday, so we can complete our list of bullshit 🙂 queerspreekuur@riseup.net

small summerholiday // Zomervakantie 2020


De Anarchistische Boekenwinkel Opstand gaat dicht in de laatste week van juli en de eerste week van augustus!

DUS zijn we donderdag en vrijdag, de 30e + 31e juli en de 7e + 8e augustus gesloten.

Graag op 13de en 14de langskomen voor nieuwe boeken EN de QUEER SPREEK UUR!


The anarchist Bookstore Opstand will be going on a small summer holiday in the last week of july + 1st week of august.

We are therefore closed on thursday and friday, of the following dates: 30 +31st of July and 7th+8th of august!

Please come over when were open again, at the 13th and 14th of august! The 14th of August we will have host QUEER SPREEK UUR also 🙂


QUEERSPREEKUUR gaat gewoon door 🙂
QUEERSPREEKUUR still goes on while we are closed 🙂

—-> voor meer informatie over QueerSpreekUur kijk op onze FB pagina en houd de blog in de gaten.
—-> for more information on the QUEERSPREEKUUR’S topics, check our facebookpage or keep updated via this blog 🙂

Queer Spreekuur! QSU!


A flyer in portrait format, with jellyfish as background , in the front white font with information that si to be found in the text as well>>> Launch of the QueerSpreekUur, from now on every Friday in the Opstand ! <<<

Last Friday we launched the first of our queer evenings, with a documentary retracing the trajectories of queercore “how to punk a revolution”. Watching this documentary was another reminder of the importance of digging out our queer history and doing archival work to remember that we’ve existed through the ages and that we’ve resisted throughout time.
We’ve been systematically killed, hunted down and shamed, erased from history and overwritten by hegemonic culture. But don’t believe we’ve been sitting silently, waiting to appear only when capitalism would find a way to commodify our deviant bodies and desires. In the shadows of homophobia, misogyny and transphobia we’ve been making our own history. Working in the night, we’ve been crafting a language and a way of being that could escape the forces keeping us down, finding the words to yell our coming into being and shake down the reigning order.

Because, when your existence itself is at stake you have no choice but to fight. Our desires make us outcasts and fuel our anger.
We are queer, queer as in against the state and capitalism, queer as in against borders and racism/islamophobia, queer as in against pinkwashing and the use of our desires to justify horrendous and discriminatory politics.

Another thing to remember from this movie: the power of imagination and how our desires can shape the reality we live in. Unsatisfied with their surroundings, these punks pretended what they wanted already existed and made it happen. We’ll keep that in mind during the following queer nights and let ourselves be inspired by their actions.

Welcome to QueerSpreekUur, come along to queer anarchism together. Every Friday at 18.30 in the anarchist bookstore Beatrijsstraat 12. Any questions or requests? Mail us! queerspreekuur@riseup.net
Queer liberation is for everyone!