QSU 21/08 – This week: Talking Round about Relationship Anarchy from a QueerFem Perspective

a purple header. in the middle are light blue freckles as a background for a text saying: relationship anachy from a queerfem perspectove. below is a short disclaimer in lgiht pink about cis-hets participation only with limited access. on the right upper corner there is an relationshipanarchysymbold that is queered. (it is a heart with an A in it, and there are the arrows of the transfeminismsymbol on it)
This week: Talking Round about Relationship Anarchy from a QueerFem perspective! (English)
Foreword: !COVID19 safety measurements and restriction have changed!
Inside a restaurant max. 6 people are allowed. We ain’t a restaurant but our place is quite small – We hope for no rain, thus we can sit outside with appropriate distance. Please take your own mondkapje for safety. (if you forgot or still decide to come, we have some at the bookstore as well). We’ll do our best to facilitate it as covid19 and machosafe as possible.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible through the restaurant (there is also a suitable toilet). If you need anything special event- or locationrelated during or before or after the event, let us know.
Next Tramstation is Anna Bijnslaan. Adress is Beatrijsstraat 12! Parking is difficult but possible in the surroundings.
For Allergics: 2 cats live in De Samenscholing. Let us know is we can make it any better for you.
This week we will talk about Relationship Anarchy.
What will it be about?
The content will be mainly related to a paper called ‘Thinking Relationship Anarchy from a Queer Feminist Approach’.
It is a text from 2018 by Roma De las Heras Gómez (you can find it under this link https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1360780418811965 or in this one ). She is a bi-lesbian feminist activist for non-conventional relationships and works on sex education and relationship anarchy.
The text is sociological research. We’re gonna make it more accessible in language. It is influenced by lesbian feminism and sexual theory.
Interesting to know: Relationship Anarchy is a philosophy of love but also a way of structuring affective bonds, breaking with norms and a political philosophy – we’ll go deeper into that last point on friday!
Which format will it take?
We will talk about the text, there will be a introduction and or small summary of it. We could also combine it with reading or findings of your own about this topic, so feel free to bring what you know and feel invited to read the text beforehand 🙂
!!! To our non queer participants !!!:
This session will be a discussion by and for queers – meaning that priority will be given to queer people. People who do not identify as queer and who wish to participate nevertheless can send an email beforehand (queerspreekuur@riseup.net). We will let you know by Friday 14.00 if the situation allows for your presence or not.
xoxo QSU