QSU 28/08: Queer nihilism

This week, finally, queer nihilism!

What is queer nihilism? No idea – let’s find out together! We’ll read and discuss bits and pieces from Baedan, a queer nihilist journal. Come join us on Friday 28/08, 19.00 at Beatrijsstraat 12, The Hague.


The session will open with a short presentation, during which we will define key terms and outline the main issues in queer nihilism. We will also have visual support for this part of the conversation.

After a short break we’ll split up in smaller groups and read excerpts from Baedan which we will discuss in these small groups (guiding questions will be provided which you may use or not).

Some links if you want to read a bit before hand:

Main text
Baedan (Link)

More stuff

Towards the Queerest Insurrection (https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/mary-nardini-gang-toward-the-queerest-insurrection )

This text is also in Queer Ultraviolence – Bash Back (https://libcom.org/library/queer-ultraviolence-bash-back-anthology) some bits might be relevant as well.

Some action group influenced by queer nihilism, for inspiration:

Everything is going to shit anyways – Fag Mob


!COVID19 safety measures!

We will be meeting in the gym this week to make sure we can be safely distanced. Enter through the bookstore and we will direct you further. Please take your own face mask for safety. (if you forgot or still decide to come, we have some at the bookstore as well). We’ll do our best to facilitate it as covid19 and machosafe as possible.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible through the restaurant (there is also a suitable toilet). If you need anything special event- or location related during or before or after the event, let us know.

Next tram station is Anna Bijnslaan. Parking is difficult but possible in the area.

For Allergics: 2 cats live in De Samenscholing. Let us know is we can make it any better for you.

!! To our non queer participants !!!:

This session will be a discussion by and for queers – meaning that priority will be given to queer people. People who do not identify as queer and who wish to participate nevertheless can send an email beforehand (queerspreekuur@riseup.net). We will let you know by Friday 14.00 if the situation allows for your presence or not.